The Royal Thai Navy has awarded a contract to UK-based marine and defence technologies company Teledyne TSS for the mk31 inertial reference system (IRS) at the Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) 2009, London.

The mk31 IRS is a easily installed and configured navigation system that provides heading and attitude data for platform stabilisation or motion compensation.

Under the contract, the company will equip the Thai Navy’s Chonburi Class frigate with one mk31 IRS for gun and radar system stabilisation.

The system will collect the data by using three individual solid state ring laser gyros and then analyse using its own software algorithm.

The mk31 IRS is built on solid-state technology and no maintenance is needed to keep the system fully operational. It can be used in surface and subsurface vessels in temperatures ranging from –10°C to +55°C with a depth rating of 6,000m.