The Italian Navy has received the 21st AW101 three-engine medium/heavy helicopter from Augusta Westland, a subsidiary of Fenmeccanica.

The helicopter is designed for anti-submarine warfare/anti-surface warfare, and is the first unit of the recently ordered AW101 batch of 24 AW101s.

The helicopter operates off three CT7-8E engines, with a two engine cruise option to extend the endurance of the multi-role platform to provide unparalleled performance in all environments.

The helicopter’s large cabin can carry up to 36 troops on crashworthy seats or 16 stretcher patients.

The AW101 can be utilised for troop transport, casualty evacuation, tactical and amphibious support, combat SAR and disaster relief.

In addition, the helicopter can undergo airborne mine counter measures, long-range search and rescue, maritime interdiction and airborne surveillance and area control.