The US Navy has announced that its undersea warfare training range (USWTR) will be located in Jacksonville, Florida.

Following a firm analysis on the installation and use of the USWTR for training, the navy decided to implement only a partial USWTR installation. A decision regarding the use of the facility will be made closer to 21024, when the base is expected to be ready for use

The USWTR equipment will cover around 500 square nautical miles enabling the navy to examine and improve its anti-submarine warfare training scenarios, tactics and procedures.

Once the planning, design and construction of the USWTR facility is complete, the location will provide the navy’s ships, submarines and aircraft with a realistic and challenging littoral training environment.

US Navy deputy assistant secretary Donald Schregardus said the navy was committed to protecting the ocean while maintaining readiness in this critical mission area.

The navy will update the analysis in the overseas environmental impact statement/environmental impact statement and its discussions with federal agencies up until the opening of the range expected in 2014.