The US Navy’s C-130T aircraft will be equipped with TacView portable mission display systems under a contract awarded to Esterline CMC Electronics from BAE Systems.

The Navy has planned to implement paperless cockpit functionality including aircraft data, procedure manuals and interactive electronic charts for improved situational awareness and efficient cockpit operations by equipping two TacView systems per cockpit installation.

The TacView system is integrated with a rugged compact nightvision imaging system, compatible smart display and a companion power supply module. The design of the system is based on CMC’s PilotView electronic flight bag.

The implementation of the system will not have an effect on the aircraft’s existing operational flight programme and will provide functionality enhancements for military transport.

TacView is flexible enough to mount on a wide range of aircraft and is large enough to display full-size instrument approach charts, checklists and moving maps.

The 5in x 7in sunlight readable display TacView system incorporates a sliding keyboard, film-on-glass touch-sensitive screen and bezel keys.

CMC Electronics military aviation vice-president Jean-Michel Comtois said the design of the system was intended to make military airborne mission effectiveness easier through improved real-time situational awareness.