The US Navy has awarded a $32m contract to aerospace and defence systems development company Cobham to provide 37 further AN/ALQ-99 low-band transmitters (LBT) to protect the navy’s strike aircraft and operating crew.

The LBT is configured to protect strike aircraft, ships and ground troops by cutting off enemy radar and communications.

The technology has been used on the US Navy and Marine Corps EA-6B aircraft involved in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq.

The navy plans to use the LBT on its newest airborne electronic attack aircraft, the EA-18G Growler.

Cobham Sensor Systems vice-president Steve Schaefer said that the company had replaced several legacy transmitters with one highly reliable system to enhance the navy’s capability to protect the deployed men and women operating in rigorous missions.

The navy has ordered 157 LBTs, reflecting $217m in total contracts, and intends to buy a total of 292 LBTs, of which 46 systems have already been delivered by the company.

The contract has been awarded under Lot 2 of the programme’s Full Rate Production phase, a modification to the existing Lansdale FRP Lot 1 contract.

The work will be carried out by the company in Lansdale, Pennsylvania and the Lot 2 deliveries are scheduled to happen in March to November 2011.