The US Navy’s support activity naval explosive ordnance disposal technology division has awarded a $56.4m contract to QinetiQ North America for TALON robots.

Under the contract the company will deliver the TALON GEN IV robots, repair parts, spare kits, and other related equipment and services.

The TALON robots are the first portable responder robots capable of being carried in amarine’s backpack.

QinetiQ North America Technology Solutions Group president William Ribich said that the robots would protect the warfighters and accomplish dangerous assignments while soldiers control them from a safe distance.

The responder includes a disruptor-ready manipulator arm, wrist and gripper, three infrared illuminated colour cameras and a laptop controller with gamepad controls that allows operation of TALON responder from a safe distance of up to 4,000m.

The company is expected to complete the work by 2010.