The US Navy has awarded a $19.3m subcontract to electronics manufacturing services company, Sparton Corporation to fabricate sonobuoys for the navy.

Sonobuoys are small expendable sonar systems that are dropped from aircraft and ships to conduct anti-submarine warfare or underwater acoustic research.

Under the subcontract, Sparton will develop subassemblies for more than 7,320 air-deployable active receiver (ADAR) AN/SSQ-Q-101A sonobuoys to support US Naval anti-submarine forces.

These sonobuoys are A-size, expendable, acoustic signal receive arrays which can locate and track the targets with on-board digital signal processing and a Sparton digital compass for bearing determination.

The work will be carried out at Sparton’s facility in DeLeon Springs, Florida, and is expected to be complete by May 2011.

This subcontract is a portion of ERAPSCO, a joint venture between the companies Sparton Electronics and Undersea Sensor Systems and is serving as the prime contractor for the procurement of ADAR units for the navy.