The US Marine Corps Combat Operations Centres (COCs) has awarded a $21m contract to General Dynamics C4 Systems to add internet-like capabilities to the COCs.

Under this contract the company will upgrade electronic systems to increase the marines’ situational awareness and information sharing abilities, and improve network connectivity across the tactical battlespace.

The new system COC model G will enhance sharing of mission rehearsal and execution information among marine corps COCs and joint forces partners as well as rendering services like electronic chat, email and VoIP communications.

General Dynamics Battle Management Systems vice president and general manager Manny Mora said that the effort will move the marine corps COCs from a hardware-based system to a secure, software-enabled command and control system which will also ease rapid integration of new technologies.

Model G will carry out the orders of US Department of Defense’s net-enabled command capability (NECC) which empowers internet-like access to joint tactical networks and information over the battlespace.

The COCs are currently undergoing battalion, squadron, regiment, group and marine expeditionary brigade levels in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries.