The US Navy has awarded a $30m contract to CACI International for it to support the naval aviation production process-sustainment (NAPP-S) programme.

The chief of naval air training (CNATRA) is the sponsor for this one-year contract, which can be extended to five years.

The contract is an add-on to CACI’s 11-year participation in the NAPPS programme that provides support for naval aviation training in management, technical, data analysis and IT sectors.

Under this contract CACI provides support to the entire naval process of managing its officer and enlisted aviation training.

In addition to naval students, the programme also includes students from the marine corps, coastguard and several other nations.

The programme provides seasoned technical and subject matter experts.

Around 1,800 pilots, military flight officers and approximately 2,000 enlisted aircrew students are trained in CNATRA every year.