The US Navy has christened its newest Arleigh Burke Class guided-missile destroyer USS Gravely (DDG 107).

The 57th Arleigh Burke Class destroyer, named Gravely after Vice Adm. Samuel L Gravely Jr, will be used to conduct several operations, from peacetime presence and crisis management to sea control and power projection.

Equipped with myriad of offensive and defensive weapons designed to apply maritime power to protect US vital interests, the ship will be capable of fighting air, surface and subsurface battles simultaneously.

US Navy acting secretary BJ Penn said the DDG 107 will be a member of the most powerful class of surface ships ever put to sea.

Commander Douglas Kunzman will lead the crew of 276 officers and enlisted personnel of the 9,200t vessel.

“This is a flight two alpha destroyer as it has two helicopter hangers, so it will carry as part of the ship’s company two helicopters,” Kunzman said.

He added that the vessel will bring a wide variety of new weapons systems, not just the munitions that are put on board but also the gun weapons systems to include the crew served weapons that are used today in countering piracy and other boats.

By staff writer.