BAE Systems and General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems have submitted their final proposal to provide surface-ship electronic warfare systems to the US Navy.

The system destined for the US Navy’s surface electronic warfare improvement programme (SEWIP) block 2 upgrade competition is designed to defeat increasingly sophisticated maritime threats by intercepting and classifying threat radars, particularly those on anti-ship cruise missiles.

The EW open architecture capabilities will be integrated with the Navy’s latest-generation combat direction and management systems by the Bae Systems and General Dynamics Sea Lightning team.

Vice president of information dominance systems for BAE Systems, Greg Smith said that the system provides the foundation for electronic warfare in the maritime environment.

“It was born from the need to better protect navy surface ships against the evolving cruise missile threat and will provide the navy the capability they’ve asked for,” Smith said.

The SEWIP block 2 will upgrade the navy’s AN/SLQ-32(V) electronic support measures system. The AN/SLQ-32(V) provides early warning of enemy threats and initiates decoy engagements to defeat attacks by guided weapons.

SEWIP block 2 will upgrade the system’s receiver, antenna and combat system interface. The navy is expected to award a contract in 2009.