Lockheed Martin has awarded a partnership contract to OEwaves to help develop key microwave photonics technology components for the US Army.

The contract worth an initial $1.5m has been awarded in support of the US Army Research Development and Development Command’s Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Centre.

The contract has a potential total value of $5m and is part of an effort to develop and demonstrate critical technologies that will bridge the gap between existing capabilities and the Army’s vision for future protection capabilities.

President and CEO of OEwaves, Lute Maleki said that the technology will be developed to assist Lockheed Martin’s missile products.

“Under contract, OEwaves will develop unique microwave photonics technology components, with a reduced footprint, in an architecture that serves to optimise the effectiveness of Lockheed Martin missile products,” said Lute Maleki.

Microwave photonics are used in fibre-optic communication links, which have a reduced size, weight and cost, low and constant attenuation over the entire modulation frequency range resulting in the systems being imperviousness to electromagnetic interference and having a extremely wide bandwidth, low dispersion and high information transfer capacity.

By Daniel Garrun.