The HMS Daring, the first of the UK Royal Navy’s new Destroyers, has been received by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) after completing a range of stringent trials and tests.

HMS Daring, the first Type 45 Destroyer, which was handed over at the Scotstoun shipyard, is now ready to sail to her home port of Portsmouth in January 2009 to undertake several months of trials and training before she is declared ready for operational service.

The MoD’s Type 45 programme director Dave Twitchin said that the acceptance of HMS Daring was by far the most exciting and formative milestone of the year.

“HMS Daring has proved to be a highly capable ship and has delivered on all of her promises and more,” he said. “The final phase of her sea trials will test her even further.”

HMS Daring will be capable of undertaking a wide range of missions from combat to humanitarian and will be able to carry a significant number of extra people such as troops or evacuated personnel on board.

HMS Daring has also been fitted with the Principal Anti-Air Missile System (PAAMS), which uses long-range and multi-function radars to deal with multiple attacks by anti-ship missiles.

The ship is also extremely versatile, allowing a number of helicopters, including the Chinook, to operate from her deck.

HMS Daring’s commanding officer Captain Paul Bennett said that the warship will provide a positive step-change in the UK’s air defence capability and will be vital part of the Royal Navy’s future armoury.

“The Type 45 is an incredibly complex warship that makes use of cutting edge technology throughout,” Bennet said. “Around 80% of the equipment used on board is new to service.”

The second ship – HMS Dauntless – is currently at sea undergoing its first set of sea trials.

By Daniel Garrun.