Sikorsky Aerospace Services have announced the signing of an $840m contract with the US Army that will help keep the Black Hawk helicopter in the air.

Sikorsky Aerospace Services will provide the US Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) with technical, logistical, and engineering expertise through original equipment manufacturer best practices to the Corpus Christi army depot.

The contract renews a five-year agreement initially signed in December 2002.

Through this partnership, Sikorsky Aerospace Services will deliver a rapid component repair service and on site support of the production line. The company will also support decreased repair turnaround time of components and Black Hawk helicopter airframes.

President of Sikorsky Aerospace Services, David Adler, said that the contract signifies the continued success of the partnership with the US Army.

“More importantly, the increased depot production at CCAD will support US troops by keeping their Black Hawk helicopters in optimum condition to do the important work that they do,” Adler said.

Sikorsky Aerospace Services business designs and applies advanced logistics and supply chain solutions for commercial rotary, military rotary and fixed-wing customers.

By Daniel Garrun.