An innovative new precision attack missile for the US military has completed its first guided test flight.

A joint venture between Raytheon Missile Systems and Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control has announced the successful first guided test flight of the non-line-of-sight-launch system’s (NLOS-LS) precision attack missile.

The NLOS-LS is one of the 14 future combat systems core systems outlined by the US military and is designed to provide destructive capacity on high-payoff targets with real-time target acquisition and battle effects.

Compared to systems with equivalent firepower, the NLOS-LS provide a modular, networked and rapidly deployable precision strike capability against moving and stationary targets.

Raytheon’s NLOS-LS programme director, Scott Speet said that the test demonstrated the high performance of the complete NLOS-LS system.

“The precision attack missile, launched from a container launch unit, used its digital, semi-active laser seeker to score a direct hit against a T-72 tank target,” said Speet.

While guiding to its intended target, the PAM missile joined the network with its onboard radio and sent back a terminal target image. The PAM missile also operated as a node on the net throughout the flight.

The US Army is accelerating the delivery of NLOS-LS to soldiers in its 43 infantry brigade combat teams.

US Army’s NLOS-LS project manager, Col. Doug Dever said that this is good news for the soldiers who will one day rely on this innovative weapon system.

“NLOS-LS has once again proven it is on a path to meet the future combat systems lethal requirements,” said Dever.

The NLOS-LS is also one of the key littoral combat ship mission modules.

By Daniel Garrun.