TS2 Satellite Technologies has completed the tender documentation for the joint contracting command – Iraq / Afghanistan (JCC-I/A) to provide the satellite network project for the Marines bases in Afghanistan.

The government contract concerns establishing and maintaining full communications in new locations for all soldiers stationed there during next two years.

The USA is going to transfer four and a half thousand Marines from Iraq to Afghanistan as early as at the beginning of 2009.

CEO of TS2 Satellite Technologies, Marcin Frackiewicz, said that the company was the first provider of VSAT telecommunications operators in the territory of Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Our military network in Iraq has already over ten thousand regular users for everyday broadband connections”, said Frackiewicz.

TS2 specialises in providing global satellite communication services in areas with poor telecommunications infrastructure.

The basic transmission medium is a two-way transfer of data, which provides internet access and data transfer as well as secure and global voice communications.

The provider of the new network for the Marines is to be selected by the end of 2008 within the applicable procedures of JCC-I/A.

By Daniel Garrun.