Poland has signed a defence deal with the US to host a missile defence shield system at a base on the Baltic coast.

The US will install ten interceptor missiles at a base on the Baltic coast in return for helping strengthen Polish air defences.

In return, the US will help modernise the Polish armed forces and install patriot missiles and a garrison of US serviceman in Poland to strengthen the countries air defences.

The US believes the defence system will protect both itself and Poland from against long-range missile attacks.

The deal has raised concerns about increasing tension between the two countries, whose relations are already strained over the recent conflict in Georgia.

Moscow has criticised the deal, saying it will upset the military balance in Europe and has warned that it will have to redirect its missiles at Poland.

A correspondent from the White House said that “it is not the president’s plan for a missile defence system aimed at Russia. Its not even logically possible given how easily Russia could overwhelm it.”

By Daniel Garrun