The US Navy has awarded a contract to Saab Sensis to provide the Sea Giraffe agile multibeam (AMB) naval surveillance radar in support of its littoral combat ship (LCS) programme.

Under the contract, the company will provide programme management hardware and software adaptations, system integration, testing and total lifecycle support to LCS system engineering agent, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems.

The Sea Giraffe AMB is a multirole, medium-range 3D surveillance radar with simultaneous air, surface and weapon capability and is ideal for all naval environments including littoral and blue-water operations.

The system is equipped with advanced signal processing that helps in rapid detection of sea skimmers, anti-ship and anti-radiation missiles, small UAVs, mortars and swarming small craft.

GD is responsible for design, integration and testing of the ship’s combat and seaframe control systems based on an open architecture computing infrastructure (OPEN CI).