The Australian Navy is set to upgrade Standard missile-2 (SM2), Sea Sparrow missile and satellite communications following approval from the federal government.

The government has allowed the navy to upgrade its current long range Standard missile-2 (SM2) air defence missiles, which will be integrated with the air warfare destroyers, under the A$100m SEA 4000 phase 3.2 project.

Under the SEA 1352 phase 1A project, the government has also approved the funding for a collaborative international study into the advancement of the air defence evolved Sea Sparrow missile, which will be installed on Anzac Class frigates and air warfare destroyers.

In addition, the navy will improve satellite communications on navy platforms under Joint Project 2008 phase 5B.

The total cost of Project SEA 1352 phase 1 is cost capped between A$1bn and A$2bn, while the joint project 2008 phase 5B is cost capped between A$300m and A$500m.