The US Navy, in association with BAE Systems and Boeing, has successfully tested the mk38 mod 2 tactical laser system (TLS) concept.

During the field test, the navy-led team assessed the capability of TLS to detect and classify air and surface maritime targets and provide rapid hand-off to the mobile active targeting resource for integrated experiments (MATRIX) system for interdiction.

The tests also involved mock attack by fast moving small boats, to display the capability of the system to detect, track, classify and engage threat vessels.

US Second Fleet science advisor for commander Chris Abbott said the mk38 tactical laser system concept was able to discriminate specific target features while tracking fast moving small boats.

“It was able to engage precise targets with laser energy at tactically relevant ranges,” Abbott added.

The mk38 TLS, which includes a proposed high-energy laser, aims to upgrade the mk38 naval gun systems which are integrated with surface combatants.