The US Navy has approved the General Dynamics common network interface (CNI) Flight 0+ system for use on the IT for the 21st century (IT-21) network by Network Warfare Command.

The CNI, which comprises a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) processor and software suite, allows users to view and manipulate Link 16 tactical data.

The system also integrates multiple-source data into a real-time tactical picture, and allows access to a variety of tools and software applications from one display.

The navy’s rapid capability-insertion process and the CNI open architecture ensures that increased capability is incorporated into a ship’s existing command-and-control system through frequent software upgrades.

CNI Flight 0+ is currently fitted on the Wasp Class amphibious assault ships USS Kearsarge and USS Bataan with upgraded installations scheduled for USS Boxer, USS Bonhomme Richard and USS Essex.