The UK Royal Navy amphibious assault warship, HMS Bulwark, is undergoing a two-month basic operational sea training following an 11-month £30m refit.

The operational sea training is being conducted in two phases, comprising basic tests and full-scale amphibious drills and exercises.

The test is to check the ability to handle the ship and deal with problems on board first, while the exercises would be to prepare the sailors and marines for impending duty.

The training also included manually hauling a vessel in distress, chaff firing, response of upper deck gun crew during attacks and helicopter landings on the deck.

The sea trials also included the possible launch of a Viking directly into the water for the first time from an amphibious assault ship without the need to transport it by landing craft.

HMS Bulwark will take over the role of the UK’s flagship from HMS Albion in October after successful completion of sea training.