The US Marine Corps (USMC) Systems Command will award a firm-fixed-priced, indefinite-delivery contract to Cubic Defense Applications to incrementally replace the Marine Corps’s multiple integrated laser engagement system (MILES).

The $49.53m contract will also include training systems of the instrumented-tactical engagement simulation system increment I (I-TESS II) and additional weapon training system capabilities.

I-TESS II equipment components include small arms transmitter (SAT), man-worn detection system (MDS), command and control, mobile and portable versions as well as military operations in urban terrain (MOUT) building instrumentation.

The I-TESS II system will be used to support direct force-on-force and force-on-target training in MOUT facilities and non-live fire manoeuvre ranges located at Marine Corps bases and installations.

Work will be carried out in San Diego, California, US, and is anticipated to be completed in July 2016.