The Russian Navy is to receive a new ship-based gun / missile air defence system, known as Pantsyr-M.

The system, being developed by KBP Instrument Design Bureau, is based on the land-based Pantsyr-S1 (SA-22 Greyhound), according to RIA Novosti.

KBP senior official Alexander Zhukov said, “Pantsyr-M will replace the Kortik air defence systems and will be installed on all new classes of Russian combat ships, from corvettes to cruisers.”

The system specifications were still classified, however Zhukov revealed the features of the export version of Pantsyr-M.

The export Pantsyr-ME version has a range of 20km and can simultaneously track and destroy up to four targets at altitudes from 2m to 15km.

The system’s guns have a range of 4km and can hit targets at altitudes up to 3km.