The US Marine Corps (USMC) has successfully demonstrated Northrop Grumman’s heterogeneous airborne reconnaissance team (HART) system during live-fire targeting exercises.

Using the system for the first time, the marines simultaneously and autonomously managed two Raven unmanned aircraft to track a moving target, and enable a live-fire strike and destruction.

The HART system automatically acquires and delivers real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) information from airborne ISR assets directly to the tactical warfighter on request.

HART is also capable of interacting and integrating with current and future US Department of Defense UASs, including Global Hawk, BAMS, Predator-Reaper, Gray Eagle, Fire Scout and UCLASS.

The system has already been successfully integrated with other platforms including the Wasp, Pointer, BatMav, C-12 ARMS / MARS, ScanEagle, Shadow, Bat and Hunter systems.

The system is in the final stages of preparation for fielding and is under active consideration by all military services.