Terma’s BMD-Flex has participated in a successful ‘live fire’ test conducted by the US Missile Defence Agency (MDA) from the US Navy’s Space and Air Warfare Systems Center (SSC).

During the test, BMD-Flex demonstrated the capability of the first phase of the phased, adaptive approach for the European missile defence system, by receiving the trajectory, launch point and impact point of the intermediate range ballistic missile.

BMD-Flex is an international command and control system for integrated air and missile defence and is suitable for both land and sea-based defence of deployed forces.

The test proved that the solution is fully interoperable with the assets that will be deployed in Europe as of 2011 and are scheduled to be complete in 2020.

The integrated air and missile defence, based on an open architecture, is the result of collaboration between Lockheed Martin (LMMS2) and Terma.