The last of three corvettes ordered by the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) has been formally christened Al Rasikh in a launching ceremony held at Portsmouth Naval Base, UK.

The new corvette, constructed by BAE Systems, is part of Project Khareef, which was agreed in 2007 for the RNO.

The 99m-long Al Rasikh is an efficient and operationally flexible platform, equipped to defend against surface and air threats.

The three ships will be used to conduct coastal patrols, search and rescue and disaster relief missions. while also providing ocean-going capability in deterrent operations during unrest.

The company will also provide an initial logistics support package for the ships as well as train the RNO personnel.

The first vessel will undergo the UK Royal Navy flag officer sea training programme next year for hot weather trials and the second ship will undertake sea trials later this year.