The French Direction générale de l’armement (DGA), has conducted the first underwater firing of the future naval cruise missile (MdCN) at the Essais de missiles test range, Ile du Levant (Var), France.

The development firing took place from a submerged platform that simulated the characteristics of the future Barracuda nuclear-powered attack submarine.

The launch validated the phases that include missile ejection, exit from the water, and separation from the underwater container as well as transition to cruising flight.

The MdCN will arm the French Navy’s FREEM multipurpose frigates from 2014, and the new class of Barracuda nuclear-powered submarines from 2017.

The missile is designed to destroy infrastructure targets of high strategic value located in the interiors of the enemy territory.

DGA had awarded the contract to MBDA for the development of the missile in 2006.