The US Navy has successfully tested its advanced anti-radiation guided missile (AARGM) on board the EA-18G Growler aircraft for the first time.

The AARGM missile, which will complement the current AGM-88C high-speed anti-radiation missile (HARM), will provide combatants with a supersonic, air-launched tactical missile to be carried on the FA-18C/D aircraft, and Italian Air Force Tornado electronic countermeasures / reconnaissance aircraft.

Commander Chad Reed said during the captive carry test that AARGM had demonstrated a much greater accuracy than current HARM inventory in striking hostile emitters.

“The weapon is specifically designed to increase our warfighting capabilities in neutralising enemy air defences and will provide aircrews with an additional tool for the electronic attack mission,” Reed added.

AARGM has also successfully completed integrated test and evaluation phase on the FA-18 C/D aircraft.