The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) ANZAC frigate modernisation under the anti-ship missile defence (ASMD) programme, with Saab as one of the prime contractors, has achieved crucial milestones.

Under the ASMD programme, the upgraded HMAS Perth successfully fired an evolved Sea Sparrow missile during the sea trials off Jervis Bay, Australia.

Saab Systems managing director Richard Price said, “The ANZAC’s weapons, sensors and command and control capabilities are now highly prioritised towards defence in a hostile anti-ship missile defence scenario.”

The modernisation includes introduction of CEAFAR active phased array radar, CEAMOUNT missile illuminator, Sagem Vampir infrared search and track sensor and addition of Link 16, VMF (virtual message format) and satellite capability.

The other upgrades include providing enhancements to the integrated combat management system performed by Saab’s 9LV 453 mk3E.

The ASMD programme is intended to redesign and modernise the ship’s critical combat capability to defend against modern potential missile threats.