Construction of a new corvette for the Russian Navy has begun at the St Petersburg shipyard, Russia, shipyard spokesperson Svetlana Ermolayeva has said.

“The new corvette will be quite different from existing ones in every aspect, including appearance and size. Outwardly, the ship will look small … with powerful weapons,” she added.

The ship belongs to the Steregushchy Class of corvettes and features stealth technology to reduce the ship’s secondary radar field, as well as its acoustic, infrared, magnetic and visual signatures.

The 105m-long corvette has a displacement capacity of 2,000t and can be utilised as an anti-submarine vessel as well as a backup ship in a sea battle.

The northern shipyard is also constructing four Steregushchy Class corvettes, two Admiral Gorshkov Class frigates and a Project 18280 intelligence ship, and is also upgrading Algerian Navy’s four coastal patrol boats.