The Indian Navy will soon induct two indigenous stealth frigates, INS Satpura and INS Teg, to bolster its war-fighting capabilities.

The 6,200t Satpura is likely to be commissioned in June-July, while the Russian-built 4,900t Teg will be ready for induction by September-October.

INS Satpura belongs to the Shivalik Class of frigates which are capable of dealing multiple-threats in all platforms, while the INS Teg belongs to the Talwar Class of frigates.

The Shivalik Class frigates are armed with the Russian Shtil surface-to-air missile systems, Klub anti-ship Cruise missiles and Israeli Barak-I anti-missile defence systems.

Currently, the navy has 30 new warships and six submarines on order to maintain its force-levels at about 140 combatants, according to the Times of India.