The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded a £165m project availability support service – Sea Viper (PASS-SV) contract to MBDA to provide support for the Royal Navy Sea Viper weapon system.

The PASS-SV contract has been awarded under the through-life enabling contract, signed in April 2010 between the MoD and MBDA.

MBDA has teamed up with Bae Systems Maritime (mission systems) and DM Gosport to support Sea Viper for the T45 Class for a period of six years.

BAE will provide the support services for the multifunction radar, while DM Gosport will out-load and process Type 45 Class munitions.

The Sea Viper system comprises 48 Aster Munitions, the Sylver vertical launcher system, MBDA’s command and control equipment and software and the Sampson multifunction radar.

The missile was successfully fired from HMS Dauntless in September 2010 and more recently from HMS Daring.