Raytheon has produced the first group of S-band transmit / receive (T/R) modules for the US Navy air and missile defense radar (AMDR) programme.

The AMDR radar suite will consist of an S-band radar, X-band radar and radar suite controller and will be used on the navy’s Arleigh Burke Class destroyers.

The S-band modules will provide volume search, tracking, ballistic missile defence discrimination and missile communications, while the X-band modules will conduct horizon search, precision tracking, missile communication and terminal illumination functions.

The radar is scalable, which enables easy installation and integration on multiple platforms to meet the navy’s current and future mission requirements.

Work on the programme is being carried out at Raytheon IDS Headquarters, the Surveillance and Sensors Center, the Seapower Capability Center and the Integrated Air Defense Center, all located in the US.

General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems and Gibbs & Cox will also support Raytheon in the development of the radar solution.