The first French FREMM multimission frigate, the Aquitaine, has begun sea trials off the Brittany peninsula in north-west France.

The first phase will test the vessel’s safety systems and equipment, including fire-fighting, flood control and emergency response systems and evacuation procedures as well as manoeuvrability and mooring performance.

The next phase will test the propulsion system in all configurations from low-speed silent-mode all-electric propulsion to high-speed gas turbine-powered mechanical propulsion.

The trials will also test the ship’s navigation system, inertial platforms for positioning and other basic systems.

The second sea trials will be conducted in June this year, wherein the ship’s combat system will be tested.

DCNS is currently constructing 12 such ships, of which 11 FREMMs are for the French Navy while the other is for the Moroccan Navy.

The FREMM family of frigates is being designed to counter threats coming from air, sea and land and are equipped with a sensor suite based on Herakles multifunction radar, Naval cruise missiles and MU90 torpedoes.