Argon ST and Atair Aerospace have received a not-to-exceed ceiling firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract from US Marine Corps System Command for the joint precision air drop system ultra lightweight (JPADS-ULW).

The $45m contract will provide for the procurement, testing, delivery, training, and logistical support of the JPADS-ULW.

JPADS-ULW is an aircraft deployed steerable canopy system, which is capable of delivering cargo loads from 24,500ft mean sea level through hardware, software altitude control, glide management of system descent and landing.

Argon ST, the prime contractor, will provide programme management, contracts, logistics services and manufacturing support, while Atair will be responsible for engineering, design, and training.

Atair COO Rick Zaccari said the Onyx UL will enable military planners to accurately position mission-critical supplies to small units of in-need warfighters spread across undeveloped and unconventional theaters of operation.

The Onyx UL is a low-cost, fully autonomous, precision airdrop system designed to fulfil JPADS-ULW requirements.