The US Navy will decommission its USS Nassau (LHA 4) amphibious assault ship on 31 March at Naval Station Norfolk, US.

The 835ft-long and 39,000t Tarawa Class amphibious assault ship was commissioned on 28 July 1979.

USS Nassau has been used for a variety of missions, from amphibious landings to humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

The assault ship is equipped with two 600lb steam turbine engines and is configured with two rolling airframe missile launchers, two 20mm close-in weapon system mounts, as well as a variety of other weapon systems.

The ship can carry a crew of 80 officers, 880 enlisted men and a 1,900-marine detachment, and is configured with a large flight deck for handling helicopters, V-22 Osprey, and AV-8B Harriers.