The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has unveiled a new high-tech simulator in the upgraded $10m training facility at HMAS Watson, Sydney, Australia.

The upgraded $10m training facility will provide a massive boost to train Junior Warfare Officers to pilot next generation warships.

The facility has two full mission simulators and four smaller ones, which allow up to six warship bridge teams to train jointly or independently for six specific scenarios.

The new high-tech simulator uses computerised virtual-reality software with a 240-degree view of a computer generated 2D scene to simulate a working warship’s bridge.

The simulators provide the full range of maritime operations similar to those experienced while on the bridge of a warship and can be reconfigured to match RAN’s current fleet of ships.

Missions such as boat operations, interdiction and docking, as well as beach evolutions, can be performed even for the new Canberra Class amphibious assault ships that are due to enter service in 2014.