The Canadian Conservative Government has rejected a UK proposal of collaboration between the two countries in building new surface combatant warships, Canadian Defence Ministry spokesman Jay Paxton has said.

“This government is fully committed to getting the right equipment for the Canadian Forces to the right price for Canadians, with the right benefits for Canadian industry – in this case building new ships in Canada,” he said.

Paxton added: “Our national shipbuilding procurement strategy establishes a long-term relationship with Canada’s shipbuilding industry to review Canada’s federal fleet.”

UK Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Gerald Howarth announced last month that both countries were in close discussions to develop the global combat ship for their respective navies.

The combat ship had been identified by the UK Government as a key platform for a collaborative effort with the Commonwealth and other allies to increase defence exports in the next few years.

The Canadian Navy is currently refurbishing its 12 Halifax Class patrol frigates, which are expected to reach their end of life expectancy in 2025, according to the Canadian Press.