DCNS has completed equipment integration and harbour acceptance tests on board the first French FREMM multimission frigate, Aquitaine, which is scheduled to undergo its first sea trials next spring.

All major ship systems including information and communication, navigation, electric power and distribution, combat and the propulsion system will be tested before the sea trails.

The company is currently constructing 12 such ships, of which 11 FREMMs are for the French Navy while the other is for the Moroccan Navy.

The FREMM family of frigates are being designed with technically advanced features to be able to counter threats coming from air, sea and land.

The multimission vessels will be equipped with a sensor suite based on Herakles multifunction radar, Naval cruise missiles and MU90 torpedoes.

The FREMM programme is Europe’s largest naval programme, according to which France will acquire 11 frigates and Italy about ten vessels.