Russia is considering installing foreign production artillery systems on Russian frigates, or anti-boat vessels, Russian Navy commander Admiral Vysotky has said.

The statement coincided with the testing of Russian anti-boat guns, particularly the A-192M Armat artillery system, which is expected to end in 2012.

According to Vysotsky, the Russian warships could be equipped with foreign arms including the French 100mm Creusot-Loire Compact artillery system and the Italian 127mm OTO-Melara 127/64LW, diesel engines and air conditioning systems.

ARMS-TASS news agency chief editor Nikolai Novichkov said the nation had been paying more attention to foreign defence technologies during recent years.

“One of the reasons that made Vysotsky think about an opportunity to purchase artillery systems of foreign production is the fact that Russia is hardly capable of making them herself,” he added.