The US Navy’s fifth San Antonio Class amphibious landing platform dock (LPD), USS New York (LPD 21), has successfully completed final contract trials in Norfolk, Virginia, US.

The final contract trial was conducted by the US Navy board of inspection and survey (INSURV), which included a series of post-delivery test and trials of the ship and its major systems to demonstrate its operational capability.

INSURV officials said the ship had made improvements across several systems and is ready for sustained combat operations.

The San Antonio Class provides the US Navy and the US Marine Corps with modern, networked, survivable, and sea-based platforms that can operate with 21st-century transformational platforms.

The ships incorporate both a flight and well deck to accommodate CH-46 helicopters and MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft, and to launch and recover landing craft and amphibious vehicles.

The LPDs will functionally replace over 41 amphibious ships that include four LPD, 36 LSD, LKA 113 and LST 1179 classes of ships.