Lockheed has been awarded a contract for the production of paveway II Plus laser-guided bomb (LGB) GBU-12 kits.

Paveway II Plus LGB kits will improve weapon accuracy and provide warfighters with a reliable precision capability to help achieve their mission in modern complex battlefield environments.

Lockheed Missiles and Fire Control Precision Guided Systems senior manager Joe Serra said the contract would provide for delivery of the first full-rate production quantities of the improved paveway II Plus LGB.

Each kit includes a MAU-209C/B computer control group containing the electronics guidance system and an air foil group, which provides lift and stability.

The $34.5m contract includes deliveries to both the US Navy and Air Force and is scheduled to begin the second quarter of 2011.

The company has delivered more than 55,000 LGB kits to the US Navy and Air Force, and international customers.