South Korean and US troops will begin their annual joint drills, Key Resolve and Foal Eagle exercises, from 28 February to 10 March 2011, the allies’ combined forces command (CFC) has said.

About 12,800 US and 200,000 South Korean troops will take part in the 11-day drill, which will involve a number of realistic scenarios beyond defeating a conventional attack.

The scenarios will help exercise, in alliance, crisis management, deterring and rapidly defeating provocations and defensive operations as well as improving the ability to defend and deter North Korean aggression.

CFC spokesman Kim Young-kyu said he could not confirm if a US aircraft carrier would join the upcoming drills.

The Key Resolve drills will focus on command-post drills with computer-based simulation to prevent enemy provocations such as a torpedo attack or an artillery attacks.

The Foal Eagle drills deal with field exercises and will continue through 30 April 2011.

The allies are also planning to intensify their joint training intended to search and destroy North Korean weapons of mass destruction.