The Iranian Navy has plans to increase the operational range of its missiles by increasing portability of its missile systems, Iranian Navy Lieutenant Commander Rear Admiral Gholam-Reza Khadem Biqam has said.

“Given the extensive presence and deployment of the navy in Iran’s water borders, promotion of our missile capabilities is a must,” he noted.

“There are several ways to safeguard our territories and promotion of our coastal systems is not the only way.

“We can use portable missile systems in a bid to increase the operational range of our missiles as well,” Biqam added.

Iran’s plan for boosting coast-to-sea missile systems is part of the navy’s broader efforts to boost its naval missile capabilities, according to Fars News Agency.

The Defence Ministry supplied a number of newly developed anti-ship coastal cruise missile systems to the navy last month and all its combat fleets and units are equipped with missile systems.