Northrop Grumman has been awarded a contract by the US Navy to participate in the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) control segment (UCS) architecture working group (UCSWG).

The UCSWG is an open technical standards committee whose objective is to define a common UAS control station architecture to provide increased UAS command and control capability to the warfighter.

The common mission management system (CMMS) programme will provide business and technical governance for Northrop’s UAS mission management and control systems capabilities.

CMMS will also work with UCSWG to ensure the evolving UCS architecture meets the requirements of the US Navy MQ-4C broad area maritime surveillance UAS and MQ-8B Fire Scout vertical UAS programmes.

Northrop UCS programme manager Kerry Fisherkeller said the development of a common UCS architecture will help the company converge on a common set of open architecture standards.

“This will allow lower-cost integration of ground control station (GCS) applications, and provide enhanced battlefield awareness and greater interoperability of GCS control functions for warfighter collaboration,” he added.