The South Korean military is considering the deployment of its domestic-built ship-to-ground cruise missile, the Cheonryong, on warships including a 4,500t KDX destroyer in the West Sea.

The Cheonryong missile has a range of 500km and is capable of hitting North Korean surface-to-ship missile bases on the west coast from the East Sea as well.

The indigenous missiles will serve as a deterrent against any potential North Korean provocations on the western front.

The missile, which has a 1,500km precision striking range from a naval vessel, can even be launched from a 3,000t submarine, which is currently under development.

According to government sources, the missiles have been developed based on homegrown ground-to-ground cruise missiles but have a wider and more flexible potential range than the latter.

“We’re planning to deploy the missile on Aegis ships such as the 7,600t King Sejong the Great Class, starting this year with the destroyer deployed at the Second Navy Fleet on the west coast in preparation for further provocations by the north,” added the source, speaking to