The Indian Navy is looking for an amphibious warfare craft to enable troop landings on beaches to enhance its amphibious warfare capability.

A request for information (RIF) has been issued by the navy to global shipbuilders to deliver the craft to India, according to the Economic Times.

The 23ft-long craft, with a displacement capacity of 55t, is propelled by two diesel engines and can cruise at a speed of 15kt in fully-laden condition with an endurance level of six months.

The craft will be used to launch either 150 troops and their warfare equipment, a T-90/T-72 battle tank, two infantry combat vehicles, two 2.5t trucks or four light motor vehicles to enemy shores.

The vessel will be equipped with two mounted heavy machine guns with hands-free communication system and shrapnel, along with a protective steel plate.

The Indian Navy intends to order ten craft for transport of assault material, equipment and personnel for amphibious operations, and for search and rescue, humanitarian relief, and supply and replenishment of warships.