The Australian Navy has begun its annual training programme, Exercise Triton Storm, off the east coast of Jervis Bay, to test its preparedness for various warfare serials within the guidelines.

Five ships – three frigates and two mine hunters with about 600 sailors and officers – will conduct live firings, seamanship exercises, boarding training as well as anti-aircraft exercises and mine hunting.

The three frigates HMA Darwin, Ballarat and Parramatta, will integrate with RAAF aircraft Hawks, F/A-18s, AP-3C Orions and Wedgetails during anti-aircraft serials.

Coastal mine hunters HMA Diamantina and Gascoyne will also participate to test crews’ abilities to search, detect and classify mock mines.

The task group will transit to various ports in Tasmania to mark Tasmanian Navy Week, to be held 11-14 February, as part of the exercise.