The US Government has granted approval to destroy six US-built Indonesian warships, which are more than 30 years old, Indonesian Navy chief of staff Admiral Soeparno confirmed.

The decision is part of the Indonesian Navy’s modernisation programme of armament systems, which includes destroying, replacing and increasing capacity and capabilities of the operational system.

“The US-built landing ship tanks (LST) and landing platform docks (LDP) are already 64-70 years old. And every time US military met the ships they saluted them as their seniors. So, it is time for replacements,” he said.

The warships will be replaced by procuring new ones through local production or jointly producing on the condition of technology transfer, according to Bernama.

The six LSTs are KRI Teluk Langsa 501, KRI Teluk Bayur 502, KRI Teluk Kau 504, KRI Teluk Tomini 508, KRI Teluk Ratai 509, KRI Teluk Saleh 510, and KRI Teluk Bone 511.